saturday reads

Pride and Prejudice - Jessica Hische, Jane Austen

I'm going to be re-reading The Final Descent and then going to be interviewed on book culture by a friend. Can you believe book culture is actually a thing? And I don't only mean hipster book culture--which harbors the image of a lonely, white girl sitting next to her windowsill, sipping herbal tea and flipping through the pages of Pride and Prejudice.


No, I actually mean the local culture which exists in regards to literacy and the pursuit of knowledge. I call it book culture because I associate books with knowledge--others may call it a literacy initiative, or internet culture--whatever works for you.


In my experience, book culture includes reading, active in-person book discussions, reaching out to the community and helping them out when they are hunting for a certain type of knowledge, and--of course--binding books. That's just me, though.


The image I've picked for this post is Pride and Prejudice because I mention it--and also because I don't diss it as "high" or "hipster" literature. It really is a good book. My copy from 1920 is falling apart (I found it at an antique bookstore in London!), but I'll get a new one soon. If you haven't read it, I'm sure it on your to-read list. I'm not sure any book lover can feel content without knowing Mr. Darcy to some extent.