The Final Descent - Rick Yancey

I think one of the greatest things about Yancey’s writing is that it’s so general and yet very precise at the same time. The concepts are universal—and so are the monsters—but they are universal in their precision. The anthropophagi are my favorite. I saw them clearly in my mind’s eye—so clearly that I was not in the least shocked to see fan art of the monster—and it looked exactly like I had imagined it to be.


(Perhaps that is because these monsters live in all of us and we have suppressed memories of our own selves in an alternate light.)


Minor spoilers ahead for The Final Descent.


He really is an excellent writer. I was not expecting Pellinore’s story to end like this—and the drastic changes in Will Henry’s personality! Could he have, at least, kept some shred of his personality? His kindness? His innocence?


I guess man is what you make him—his environment, and his nurturing (or lack of).

There is some excellent psychology in these books, and I am up for another re-reading of the series from that point of view.